Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taiwanese Shaved Ice Cream

Foreground: Green tea ice cream with green tea syrup and corn flakes, Background: Chocolate ice cream with marshmellows

Pretty much the best dessert of life.  No kidding.

Chinese name 雪花冰, it's basically a mountain of shaved ice that tastes like ice cream, topped with some kind of sauce or crumbly topping and served with fruits or some type of tapioca. I had it during my first week in HK and got ADDICTED.  And then I got my friends hooked. har har har.

There's a chain that serves this type of ice cream called Tong Pak Fu (糖百府).  They have set combos already (ice cream & topping & 2 or more sides) or you can create your own with price going up the more stuff you add.

Some notable flavours/combinations:

1.  Horlicks shaved ice cream base
SO GOOD.  It tastes like Horlicks and how can you not love that.  If you don't know Horlicks, its this malt drink that's really popular in HK; I used to drink it when I was small all the time.  You can get it served topped with Horlicks powder.  AMG.

2.  Hazelnut sauce

Sesame ice cream, hazelnut sauce (in the little cup), mango exploding tapioca and corn flakes

I got a sesame ice cream with hazelnut sauce, and the sauce came separately.  Could not believe how strong the hazelnut flavour is.  SO GOOD.

3.  Exploding tapioca

Chocolate ice cream, exploding tapioca (the white one), regular tapioca and corn flakes

My mind was blown.  There are so many types of tapioca you can get to eat with your ice cream but this was insane.  It's basically tapioca with juice inside enclosed in a thin outer layer, so when you chew it in your mouth the juice explodes.  You can get different flavours like yogurt, mango or passionfruit.  Pretty much my must get when I go to this ice cream place.  The bomb.

Green tea ice cream topped with sesame, passionfruit(?) exploding tapioca, glutinous rice balls

The flavours I've tried so far are:  Green tea, horlicks, guava, sesame, chocolate.  ALL GOOD, actually I haven't heard one person say that there's was "okay" so I think all the flavours are good :P

I'm sorry for making many of you cry after reading this post.  Solution:  come to HK :)


sharpiekun said...

I didn't want to pay $681 CDN for the round trip tickets... I am regretting now. Thanks Janice.

Rosanne said...

Those ice cream dishes look HUMONGOUS! Do they fill you up really quickly? Or are they very air-y inside?

Oh man, MUST try when I go back to Asia. :D

Janice said...

It's flaky so it's quite light. It also melts really fast :(

Adrian said...

I had it a few times last time I went back in August. Apparently my cousin knows the guy who started the place. Would've went there more except it's always PACKED with people lining up outside.

hwentland said...

this looks so good. must go to HK someday.

Jo said...

hahaha you must be a mind reader, because i was starting to feel sorry for myself and then by the last picture, i just had to gape. Where is this and why am I not there?! lol looks amazing - i'd be happy to even just try the explosive tapioca :D