Saturday, March 6, 2010


Quite a late post since Chinese New Year was almost a month ago! For Chinese New Year I got a week off of school (Feb 15 - 19) which I used to hang out with my family and go out and explore Hong Kong.  Chinese New Year was unsurprisngly quite festive in HK with lots of events such as New Year flower/night market, float parade and fireworks.  Luckily I got to do all of that! 

The night market was super fun, so fun that I went twice.  I already have a post on it here.  The parade was also pretty cool, there were tons of performances and really big floats, some with huge screens playing random videos promoting the company that the float is sponsored by :P  Tons of people watching though, especially in the main "performance areas" where the floats stop and the performers do their thing there.  In the other areas of the parade route they just walk through, smile and wave.

I had high expectations for the Chinese New Year fireworks and I wasn't disappointed!  I've always heard that HK fireworks were insane and it was so worth standing in the rain for 1.5 hours for it.  There were fireworks of gold nuggets, Chinese characters, happy faces, and different types of flowers.  23 minutes of awesomeness!  Took some pics without a tripod on my DSLR, used myself and my friend as a bi-pod, pretty good I'd have to say :)  Check out all my fireworks pictures on Picasa here.

Had a bunch of large meals with my family which was delicious :) Definitely had alot of yummy meals that week, and don't forget those red pockets!  All in all had a eventful yet restful week off, we should get Chinese New Year off in Canada!

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