Friday, May 7, 2010

Exam Taking @ HKU

Just had my first 2 exams here at HKU. Thought I would totally bomb them but turned out okay thank God! :)

Most exams are taken in the two gyms similar to PAC in Waterloo.  The difference is that everyone is assigned a seat, which you can check in your student account online ahead of time.  They also have a list posted on the wall outside of the exam room.  I feel like exam taking is more structured and strict here - they actually have everyone's student number and seat number printed out and they compare it with your student ID card.  They also get really anal about you finding your seat number, I came into an exam 1 minute late and thought I knew the seat number but the whole row was empty, and when I went back out to check they spoke really rudely at me commenting on how I didn't check.  Hong Kong culture...

If you can see in the left picture, there's actually a person/instructor standing on the platform watching everyone during the exam.  They give them a really interesting name on the name card, something very official sounding but I can't remember at the moment lol.  There's also huge LED boards showing the time which actually really helps.  Hate it when I sit in a spot where I can't see the clock in Waterloo (especially in the SYDE room)!

Got more posts coming up, just trying to find time to write them.  There also seems to be a (flying) termite problem in my building... they keep flying, crashing, taking off their wings and running around places... and swarming.  There's also tons of them just dead on the ground/in the sink/in the shower.  Help.  :'(

For now I will leave you with a snapshot of a beautiful purple sky that I saw after one of my exams :)

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Fubrub said...

everyone's assigned a seat for cs exams in waterloo :D