Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exams in Full Swing!

My first exam is in a couple days so I've been cramming for the past little while.  Necessary even if you're on exchange, especially when you haven't done much work throughout the term :P  Today's the second day of doing full day in the library (ie. 10am - 11pm).  Wanted to do a day-in-the-life-of post, I tried to make it as interesting as possible considering that I was in the library all day =P


Good morning - went to school, dropped off stuff at the library to save spots and then went for breakfast.  Surprisingly, if you get to the library after 10am ALL the seats are taken - not kidding.  Some people just leave one piece of paper or one book to save spots, it's kind of ridiculous.

 Breakfast of Congee and "Ja Leung" =D

 Yes I have embraced the fobiness of HK and got fob glasses.... o dear.

Had a doctor's appointment today because of spraining my ankle when we went hiking a week ago.  Still swollen =( May take 3 weeks to heal but doctor said progress seems good so far!

Stopping at Park N Shop (supermarket/convenience store) for some water.

Back to the library~ Jokes... somehow we all bought the same water bottles at different occasions :P

 4 hours later - "Tea Time".  All the canteens have tea time (as do the rest of the restaurants in Hong Kong) which is around 2:30pm - 5:30pm.  Cheap small tea sets.. yum.  Got my favourite tea set - fried fish filet.  Comes with a sausage, toast and soup noodles.  Also got an extra pork chop bun on the side :P

Back to studying... 2 hours later... Starbucks break! haha.

We get 40% discount (or so?) at the school Starbucks.  My "usual" venti Java Chip Frappucino... well 2nd day in a row =/  I'm totally breaking my no caffeine streak of 3 years...The food at Starbucks is quite good, I've had items like spinach ricotta pie, chicken/mushroom pie, various domes (bread with filling). So goood.

Leaving the library for dinner at another canteen.  I wasn't even hungry so I didn't eat.

 Walking home from the bus stop is always a risk... haha

Decided to head to the other library near home after that.  Have to take a 5 min very-fast-minibus to get home, or a 20 min slight uphill walk.

lolol.  Stayed for about 30 min (fell asleep) and decided to go home :(

Got hungry so I ordered KFC delivery.  Wanted to try their new "pizza pocket" OMG, worst thing ever, I wanted to hurl :(  It was a crispy chicken breast with sauce, corn and pineapple on top wrapped in a tortilla.  :( Did not want.

Going to head to sleep now, I feel slightly sick from all the caffeine I've been taking :P Hoping for a more productive day tmr!


PS.  This is what happens from boredom in the library (this was yesterday...)  I got a free Dragonball Z toy from Mcdonalds :P  If you don't get the joke, see explanation here...


hullothisisjen said...

i LOVE the gif.
slash win 7 love :)
i'm glad your having fun adventures in hk, even when studying, lol

Jorge said...

over 9000!!

=) work hard Janice!

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