Monday, December 14, 2009

It begins!

After planning and setting up this blog for a month it's finally up and running! I'm assuming you all know me but as a quick intro, I'm a 3rd year Systems Design student from the University of Waterloo who will be studying at the University of Hong Kong for five months starting in January.  I'll be leaving for Hong Kong from Toronto on December 29 and staying there until May 25th.

The top banner is a vector image I found (via Google) of the Hong Kong skyline.  The hardest part of preparing this blog though was choosing a name. Didn't really want a generic name like "Adventures in Hong Kong", needed something a lil more creative :)  I asked around a bit for some ideas and got a whole slew of names and so, after much consideration I decided to choose Jeff's suggestion of "Hungry for HK". Check out Jeff's blog on his co-op term in New Zealand!

Why did I choose "Hungry for HK"?  Two reasons - one is that obviously I love food and I love to eat, as you can tell from my other food related blogs. You can also take "hungry" as another meaning which is my second reason - I'm hungry to learn more about Hong Kong, explore every little part of it and find all its hidden gems :)

I loved all the other blog name suggestions though!  Some of those were:
  • Other side of the world
  • Janice Choi and Her Adventures Abroad
  • Adventures in the Motherland
  • 30000 Miles Across the Sea
  • The Adventures of Janice Choi: Chapter X - Hong Kong!
  • FOB ^-1
  • Ming is a noob. (My fav)
  • Queen Kong
  • Hong Kong 2: This Time it's Personal
  • From China With Love
Just 2 weeks left, less than one week left in Ottawa and one crazy week back in Toronto to go!


Chung said...

I've came across this site a few times before, and I think it might be useful for you, at least when it comes to finding good food there... (in Chinese) (in English)

Always end up drooling at people's pictures of different restaurants. Lots of noteworthy reviews in there (especially the local stuff!), and I'll look forward to reading yours.

It's been really nice knowing you while you're in Ottawa, didn't say a proper goodbye to you, but hope you'll have a great time in HK!

Oh, one more thing... GO TO OCEAN PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis said...

i like the hong kong 2: its personal one hahahah

you can hold a spatula or something

Jeff said...

Who is this Jeff person? He seems like a wise and handsome fellow.

Jason Ho said...


Dee said...

i'm so excited for you! :) (slash a little bit jealous)