Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On-flight Offline Blog

Written offline since I obviously don't have wifi on the plane. (In Toronto time)

7:15am - Arrived at airport
8:00am - Bye bye family :( no problems with security, phew =P

8:05am - Entering the Maple Leaf Lounge!

8:10am - They asked me for my age. Do I look underage? Oh well, off to take advantage of the shower facilities!
8:38am - Finished my shower. The shower room was so nice!

 8:40am - Eating some free breakfast

8:45am - Found the business area complete with workstations, printers and copiers. Yay free internet! Hoped for free calling but nope.
9:40am - Boarded the plane. I forgot I don't have a roomy leg room seat until the flight back. :(

9:45am - They have Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (and 30 rock!) YAY!
10:10am - Plane should have left by now but needs to go for de-icing. kinda like a car wash, you park into your spot and then trucks come to spray the wings
10:40am - Finally in the air!! Time for some office
10:45am - Just read kendrew's plane letter... thanks for making me cry =P
10:48am - Getting really hungry now...
10:56am - Yes... apple juice and peanuts!! Wait, these aren't peanuts, they're "maised and confused corn chips"???
11:03am - Aww, just read Carmen's plane "letter". so sweet and funny... :)
11:21am - oh, I think I see some food...
11:22am - Finished all my Office eps, time for some HIMYM.
11:52am - Lunch time, not bad but chicken tasted fake...Of course they had to provide soy sauce...

12:00pm - The guy beside me is eating his brownie with chopsticks.. hahaha
12:51pm - 3 episodes later.. my neck hurts..
1:14pm - Still 12 more hours to go?? Argh...Guess i'll try to sleep for a bit.
1:16pm - Interesting music choices on the plane. Blondie Jen!

3:01pm - Just woke up from my nap. Imogen Heap was surprisingly good sleeping music. One of the lights above me doesn't turn off. Sleeping comfort minus one
3:03pm - Gonna watch cloudy! I'm getting hungry again -_-
4:26pm - I can watch that movie a billion times. Cheesy and nerdy jokes =D
4:30pm - Time to play some Theme Hospital =P
4:48pm - NOO. Theme Hospital crashed -_- didn't save..
5:43pm Yay, Sandwich and Cookies for snack! Sandwich looks so fake though, but mayo saves anything. These meals make me really excited for HK food

5:48pm What the... cup noodles already? I already ate my sandwich! Should have saved my sandwich and ate cup noodles first if I knew.

6:05pm - Theme Hospital crashed again -_- stupid old games. For some reason it doesn't work in compatibility mode.
6:06pm - Guess it's time for a Theme Hospital break. can't believe i'm only half way through the trip. -_-
8:10pm - Can't fall asleep. Gonna try TH again.
8:26pm- Alright didnt' work, time for TF2 training map!! =P
9:08pm - That was entertaining. 5 hrs left... gahhhh. I'm bored, give me more food!
10:55pm - Just woke up from a nap. Can't stand sitting anymore.. arghhhhhh. NEED to get off this plane!!!!
11:56pm - Just had lunch =p Beef and potatoes were pretty gd!!

12:54am - Getting ready to land already? i forgot about daylight savings! I thought we were landing at 2:30am Toronto time, oops.... but yay!
1:20am - Bumpy landing.. apparently because of wind =( Oh well, I'm here!!

4:38am - Welcome home (at least for the next week)


Jason Ho said...

hahah i shall learn from you and log my next flight to hk. mine will look something like this eat-sleep-eat-sleep-bathroom-sleep-sleep-play with kid behind me-eat.

hullothisisjen said...

slash yeah, imogen heap makes for WONDERFUL sleep music :) did you get a plug for your laptop?!?!?! :O

glad you're safe, and wish i was there.......