Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why HK?

Some of you may be wondering why I chose Hong Kong to go on exchange.  I mean, I could have chosen France, Switzerland, Singapore (like many others :P), why Hong Kong when I've been there before (and was born there)?

Three main reasons starting with F for fun:
  1. Family - I have a bunch of family over in HK namely my grandparents.  I doubt I'll have much of a chance in the future to visit them so I really have to take my opportunites and spend time with them when I can.
  2. Fluency - If you know me at all, my Cantonese SUCKS.  Like a vacuum.  So I'm trying to take this time to make my Cantonese skills awesome (and maybe some Mandarin too, I'm hoping to take a Mandarin course for "foreign students" :)
  3. Future - After school finishes, it's unlikely that I can stay in Hong Kong for more than 1-2 months (especially if I start working).  I really want to experience living in Hong Kong and the culture for a longer period of time.  I also want to know if I would like living there, like live there.  You never know what could happen... keep options open?
  4. Food? - Yes, HK food is awesome =)
Pretty excited, it'll definitely be a good experience and hopefully I can take lots away from it :)  Packing right now, leaving Ottawa in about 3 hours!  Eek!

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