Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food Roundup (Week 7)

A mediocre week of food... lol

1.  Yoshinoya Delivery

So far Yoshinoya has the worst delivery system that I've experienced.  The delivery number isn't on their website, there's no option for English (press 2) when I dial in like the other places, they told me they needed 75 mins for my food to come - crazy!  The food was also meh, but the way they packaged it was so cool!

I got the regular beef bowl set which came with soup, upgrade to soft drink for $2.  The food is packaged in two compartments, the beef at the top and rice at the bottom.  Took a while to figure out how to split them but you just put your thumb in the groove in the corner and pull it out.  Pretty clever... lol

Click here for list of fast food delivery places in HK

2.  Crepes at Marion Crepes (Causeway Bay)

From the sign I'm assuming this chain originated from Japan, and I'm pretty sure I saw this chain 5 years ago when I went to Japan :P  All I remember is seeing it everywhere and not trying it, so sad!  Finally get to try it 5 years later... hehe.  I had the vanilla ice cream crepe with chocolate sauce and banana. After ordering in broken Chinese we watched them make it...

OMG, it was so so good when the crepe was still hot~! So delicious...

I finally saw my beloved sesame ice cream there so I'm hoping to go there again to try it out!  There are a couple stores in Hong Kong, find them on their site here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lunar New Year Fair at Victoria Park

Tons of people everywhere!

Went to check out the Lunar New Year Fair with some friends last night!  I thought it would just be a small flower market but it was this huge night market with tons of stalls selling all kinds of stuff, with a section for flowers and some sections for food.  It's kinda like Pacific Mall on steroids, LOL.  There were tons of tiger related products since it's the year of the tiger - soo cute :)

If you've been to the night market in Toronto, it's kinda like that, but 10x larger.  Probably the funniest thing I saw that night was "fake" stuff:

"McDoduck" boxes with Mcnugget pillow inside


Tons and tons of flowers on sale too. Some pots went up to $2000+ HKD... I believe flowers in the home are supposed to bring luck, and different flowers represent different things (prosperity, long life, romance, etc).


Of course we also ate alot of food!  I love street food, SO GOOD.  We tried a few things - this skewer of some red seedy fruit coated in a caramelized/"frozen" sugary syrup.  We originally wanted strawberry, oops :P

Next up we have fried coke.  According to the sign it was "American style" fried coke. Hmmm. :P  It tasted weird, the middle was like, warm sticky syrupy coke, surrounded by thick batter and topped with what tasted like crushed coke candy.  I give it a rating of "meh".

Lastly we had some cheong fun which I talked about in a previous post.  LOVE IT!

We left around 11pm and there were even MORE people streaming in than when we got there!  It's so true how midnight in Hong Kong is the same as the afternoon... just as bright and just as many people!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food Roundup (Week 6)

Ate so much GOOD FOOD last week!!

1.  Dinner @ some random "open-air food stall" (dai pai dong)
Dai Pai Dong's are quite common in Hong Kong.  They're literally stalls, sometimes lined in rows down a street/alleyway and you just sit on the street, order and eat.  The one we went to is somewhere in Central (near Lan Kwai Fong), can't remember the exact street though).

We had a group of 8 and they didn't have enough tables out (yet), so they pulled out two folding tables and 8 chairs out of nowhere and set them up in seconds.  After we sat down for a few mins, I looked around and there were at least 4 more tables set up with people sitting there already!  I was surprised to see people in suits eating here.  Must mean that it's good? :P

Everything was sticky/dirty:  The tables were sticky, all the utensils were sticky and even the menu was sticky. HAHA.  Just means that you MUST wash all your stuff with tea.  We were even sitting beside the drainage/sewer, which is kinda convenient when we dispose of the dirty tea.  Ordered some really good stuff, the BEST sweet & sour pork (ribs) and eggplant I have EVER eaten. Getting hungry thinking about it.

The normal sweet and sour pork you get in Canada is tomato-style sour, but this one was more lemon-y.  The taste was just perfect.  The eggplant and peppers were stuffed with fish paste (made me think of you, Jorge!!) and I have seriously never had such beautifully cooked eggplant. I thought I loved eggplant before, but now I REALLY love eggplant.  I don't think I can eat eggplant anymore when I go home... 

2.  Egg Tarts @ Tai Cheong Bakery (Central)

These are the best egg tarts I've had in my life (so far).  The pastry was so wonderfully flaky and the egg part was sooo smooth!  They also have egg white egg tarts, but my friend said it wasn't as good as the regular one.  It was $5 per tart, quite pricy but SO WORTH IT!  My friend had a mini chicken pot pie and it looked SO GOOD, gonna try it next time :)

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3. Snow White Sago @ Honeymoon Dessert (chain restaurant)

This was recommended by my foodie friend Jen (ha ha) and of course it was AWESOME!  It was so interesting to eat - there were lots of weird fruits I've never had before, like dried longan and other misc fruits (lol) but it tasted so good with the ice creamy, ice flakey, sago "soup base".  I've also heard that this place is famous for its Mango Sago with Pomelo (right pic) so I'll definitely try that one next time :)

4.  3AM Dim Sum @ Sun Hing (Kennedy Town)

Was SO awesome, see my blog post about it here.  I'm getting sooo hungry just looking at this picture...

5.  Black Pepper Beef Rice @ Pepper Lunch (Langham Place, Mong Kok)

Apparently according to Wikipedia, Pepper Lunch is a "fast-steak" chain from Japan.  I walked by the food court in Langham Place and almost EVERYONE was eating this, and it made the whole food court smell so so good.  I think there are 4 locations in Hong Kong.

Basically you have raw meat and corn in the middle of a hot sizzling plate with rice around it.  While it's still sizzling hot, you add sauces like garlic or soy sauce and then mix it around with two metal spoons to cook the meat and mix the rice in.  The beef was a little too peppery for me but adding more garlic sauce helped :P  It's pretty fun to eat but quite pricy, the cheapest is the black pepper beef rice for $38, and goes up to over $70 HKD for rice with actual steak.

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