Sunday, January 10, 2010

Food Roundup (Week 2)

This week's notables:

1.  Rice Noodle Roll (Cheung Fun 腸粉)

This snack (pictured left) is cheap (around $10hkd a plate) and tastes sooo good!  It's basically a bunch of rice noodle rolls cut into bite sized pieces, served with peanut sauce, sweet sauce and hot sauce which you squirt on however you want.  I personally like covering the cheung fun with peanut sauce and then squirting some sweet sauce on the side. SO GOOD!

2.  Taiwanese Snowflake Ice @ 糖仁街 China Town Dessert (TST)

Rough translation of the Chinese name for this dessert - 雪花冰.  First time I've ever tried or SEEN this and my goodness, it was sooo good.  I should have taken a picture of the order form - you choose one flavour for the ice cream base (10+ options), then a sauce/topping, then two sides.   I can't remember exactly what we ordered but I think the first one was green tea ice cream with sesame with tapioca balls and exploding mango balls.  These are like jelly/tapioca with mango juice inside, so they explode in your mouth when you eat them (SO GOOD!!!) .  Second one was chocolate ice cream with cornflakes and exploding yogurt balls and glutinous rice balls (湯圓?).  Best. Dessert. Ever.

Notable mention:  Mcdonalds Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin (Combo #10)

This is available ALL DAY every day for $9HKD (roughly $1.25 CAD).  That is all.


Chung said...

The cheung fun looks soooooo good...

And also, the last time I was in HK I deliberately ate the Filet O'Fish for breakfast and Sausage&Egg McMuffin for dinner, just because I could. Hee.

Matthew said...

MCDs looks thicker than North America...

Cherry said...

omg this is so not what i need to see when im trying to go on a diet =(