Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sai Kung (西貢)

Went to Sai Kung with my relatives yesterday!  Sai Kung is a fishing village in the New Territories with a waterfront boardwalk (kinda), tons of seafood restaurants and lots of random little restaurants and stores.

It was really nice just to stroll and chill there for half a day.  Saw some pretty interesting sights, the most interesting was seeing people purchase seafood directly off fishermens' boats!  There are tons of boats and people lined up bargaining for seafood, as shown in this pic:

All the seafood are live and still swimming in buckets lined up neatly in the boat.

How do you receive and pay for the food you ask? They'll name you the price and you tell them how much you want.  Then they'll prepare the fish for you (yes, chop it up right there) and put it in a bag (or directly in a bag for clams, shrimp etc).  The bag is lifted up via a net with a long pole, where you take it and put however much money in the net in exchange.  I even took a video for you guys!

Apparently the waterfront is THE place for people to show off their dogs.  There were tons of dogs just running around everywhere, and they were all very well behaved and friendly.  There's no leash law like Canada except for large dogs (i think).  People even convert baby carriages to dog carts.... gross :P

There's what I think are PALM TREES in Hong Kong!

Walking into the village we see tons of seafood restaurants and stores, as well as a bunch of really old apartments, complete with old style windows.

Stopped at a little dessert store called Sweetheart Dessert which we had a mango sago "noodle" bowl (similar to jelly), durian pancakes and fried mochi!  SO GOOD!

Bought some seafood back for hot pot! So fresh... yum =)  I absolutely fell in love with those little clams on the left...

Map of area:

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hullothisisjen said...

oh em gee. i'm drooling.

lapatissiere said...

The first Honeymoon Dessert originated as a family business in Sai Kung!!
I remember being mesmerized by the way they exchange the fish + money etc... =D

Keep eating! =)

Jason Ho said...

mad jealous.

JonLam said...

dear hometown...i miss you!! >< flesh sea foooooooooood
and mango sweet!!!! soooo jealous
bang you janice!