Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Food Roundup (Week 5)

Sorry I'm half a week late with this, just been having too much fun ;)  It's come to my attention that I've been blogging so much about food and not about my other experiences here...but obviously food is the best part :D  Ok... more interesting posts coming soon :)

More food this week because a bunch of us (actually, 42 of us!) went to celebrate a friend's birthday at a Chiu Chow restaurant.  We had a 10 course meal (pics starting from first pic of 2nd row) for ~$1100 HK, which came out to about $110 per person - that's less than $20!! More details in #1:

1.  10 Course Set Dinner @ Tak Kee Chiu Chou Restaurant (Kennedy Town, Western District)

Most of the food was pretty "typical Chinese", but the one thing I've never seen before is this fried noodle pancake shown above.  It's sliced like a pizza, and you add vinegar (I think) and sugar on it.  It tastes pretty good, especially with the sugar contrasting with the vinegar.  Interesting :P  Good meal overall, we were all extremely satisfied at the end!

2.  Nestle Mango Sago Popsicle

Had to buy this once I saw it!!  Mango sago is an extremely popular dessert in Hong Kong, and it's basically chilled mango juice with cubes of mango and pomelo.  Awesome dessert in the form of a POPSICLE?? I think it was only $4HKD ($0.55 CAD)... By the way, the drink on the right is a white grape aloe drink, it tastes almost exactly like the aloe drinks at home but Minute Maid branded...haha.

A side note, I've been eating breakfast more often at the canteen and it's so good!  There's so much choice and it's pretty cheap (usually under <$25HKD = $3.50CAD).  They have the usual eggs, toast, sausage, ham (all HK style of course), you can also get fried fish fillet (my favourite), turnip cake, chicken burger patty (don't ask), macaroni and ham in soup (very HK style), daily congee and fried noodles.  Usually 3 of these items comes for under $25.. so cheap!!  First few pics in the "food roundup" picture are breakfast meals.

Having a pretty epic food week this week so stay tuned :)


laura said...

yay you have a blog!
that noodle pancake was WEIRD.

hullothisisjen said...

holy crap, we have breakfast for around the same price at MS, but not HK style stufffffff

So jealous!

sharpiekun said...

D: mango popsicle...