Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food Roundup (Week 7)

A mediocre week of food... lol

1.  Yoshinoya Delivery

So far Yoshinoya has the worst delivery system that I've experienced.  The delivery number isn't on their website, there's no option for English (press 2) when I dial in like the other places, they told me they needed 75 mins for my food to come - crazy!  The food was also meh, but the way they packaged it was so cool!

I got the regular beef bowl set which came with soup, upgrade to soft drink for $2.  The food is packaged in two compartments, the beef at the top and rice at the bottom.  Took a while to figure out how to split them but you just put your thumb in the groove in the corner and pull it out.  Pretty clever... lol

Click here for list of fast food delivery places in HK

2.  Crepes at Marion Crepes (Causeway Bay)

From the sign I'm assuming this chain originated from Japan, and I'm pretty sure I saw this chain 5 years ago when I went to Japan :P  All I remember is seeing it everywhere and not trying it, so sad!  Finally get to try it 5 years later... hehe.  I had the vanilla ice cream crepe with chocolate sauce and banana. After ordering in broken Chinese we watched them make it...

OMG, it was so so good when the crepe was still hot~! So delicious...

I finally saw my beloved sesame ice cream there so I'm hoping to go there again to try it out!  There are a couple stores in Hong Kong, find them on their site here.


Jorge said...

"A mediocre week of food" hahaha

I get very excited when I read your blog. It's like watching anime, a good break from study and reality, LOL.

I am glad you are enjoying your term. Go nuts.

Rosanne said...


soyeon said...

kaya dome yummmmmm

Anonymous said...

OMG, So much fun!!! I've seen these crepe things in anime. Haha, I live out all my cravings through you (viewing your blog that is)!!! <3

-P.S this is Judy.

sharpiekun said...

posing with those crepes was like holding up a giant middle finger at the people who couldn't enjoy it with you :|. thanks janice.

Janet said...

Your blog makes me happy.
And who cares if I haven't had real Korean food before :( :(

update soon!!!!!!

...I should be working on papers.