Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lunar New Year Fair at Victoria Park

Tons of people everywhere!

Went to check out the Lunar New Year Fair with some friends last night!  I thought it would just be a small flower market but it was this huge night market with tons of stalls selling all kinds of stuff, with a section for flowers and some sections for food.  It's kinda like Pacific Mall on steroids, LOL.  There were tons of tiger related products since it's the year of the tiger - soo cute :)

If you've been to the night market in Toronto, it's kinda like that, but 10x larger.  Probably the funniest thing I saw that night was "fake" stuff:

"McDoduck" boxes with Mcnugget pillow inside


Tons and tons of flowers on sale too. Some pots went up to $2000+ HKD... I believe flowers in the home are supposed to bring luck, and different flowers represent different things (prosperity, long life, romance, etc).


Of course we also ate alot of food!  I love street food, SO GOOD.  We tried a few things - this skewer of some red seedy fruit coated in a caramelized/"frozen" sugary syrup.  We originally wanted strawberry, oops :P

Next up we have fried coke.  According to the sign it was "American style" fried coke. Hmmm. :P  It tasted weird, the middle was like, warm sticky syrupy coke, surrounded by thick batter and topped with what tasted like crushed coke candy.  I give it a rating of "meh".

Lastly we had some cheong fun which I talked about in a previous post.  LOVE IT!

We left around 11pm and there were even MORE people streaming in than when we got there!  It's so true how midnight in Hong Kong is the same as the afternoon... just as bright and just as many people!


joanna =) said...

i <3 cheong fun! it's my all-time favourite =D especially in winter, if you have that for breakfast... yummmmmy!!! and i love 冰糖葫蘆 too =P it sounds so cute too!
glad to see you're having so much fun and thanks for recommending all these yummy places to go to =)

soyeon said...

duh !

Rosanne said...

lol, MuDODUCK! hehehe
i haven't been to TO's night markets, but since this is 10x bigger, it must also be 10x better :)