Sunday, January 31, 2010

McDonalds Delivery!

I've been waiting for this day for so long.  I finally got the chance to try the Mcdonalds delivery service!

Check out the take out menu here:

I called into the Mcdonalds delivery line (#23382338) and chose the English line (they had option for Cantonese, English and Mandarin).  The first time I called the recording told me that the lines were busy, and to leave my name and number and they'll call me back.  I did that and waited a while and decided to call back a few more times - the second time I got through to this really proficient English speaking lady with semi British accent. Haha, loved the fact that she actually understood what I was saying!

After I gave her my order she gave me the option of paying in $200 or paying exact so I told her $200 even though I ended up paying exact.  Then she said the food will be here in about 40 mins.  I was kinda disappointed because I was sooo hungry at that point, but 3 mins later I got a call on my cell from the delivery guy telling me to come downstairs in 5 mins! WOW!  I got my food within 10 mins!

The delivery guy came in a red bike in a red uniform with a red box at the back to hold the food, pretty jokes :)  I couldn't stop taking pics... haha.

We ordered the Triple Taste Combo for 3 which includes 3 burgers, 3 drinks, 6pc chicken nuggets, 2 cups of corn, 2 medium fries and 1 potato skin (wedges) for $96HKD (~$13CAD), and added a Mccrispy Chicken Fillet burger combo and Fillet-o-Fish combo.  The total came up to $161.40HKD (~22CAD).

This time I tried the Double Wasabi Fish Burger which is pretty much a double Filet-o-Fish with Wasabi-mayo sauce.  It was pretty good, I was suprised I could eat it because I can't take any spicy or wasabi usually.  The wasabi actually stung the tongue but there was one bite near the middle where it went up my nose. haha.  The actual meal also comes with potato wedges and a dip.  Pretty good =)

I also got these free Doreamon red pockets with the wasabi burger.... so cute! =)


Janoodles said...


Janoodles said...

I hope you didn't eat all that

jono said...

OMGGGGGGG is there a min. amount you have to purchase? can you order like just small friesd? or just an apple pie?! haha

that is tooooo sick. they need that in Canada :(

Janice said...

haha, no min order but for free delivery you need $60+HKD

EK said...

omy Janice!!

The menu just fascinated me! What a variety and so asian! I love it!

wish i was in HK now......

JonLam said...

haha....they have that in Singapore too :p Canada should catch up!

jamvng said...

Canada's McD's suckssss :(

Jo said...

ahhhh doraemon mcD's?!
that is just...amazing :D

p.s. i love the pics of the delivery guy and the little mcDonald's bag. I would've been click-happy too haha