Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exchange Students' Farewell Dinner

22.04.10, Thanks Laurent for taking the pic

It's becoming more and more real.  As more and more friends leave Hong Kong, reality begins to hit and yes... exchange is almost over...

A couple of my friends organized a farewell dinner for a bunch of exchange students that we have met (and stayed in contact with) during the past 4 months.  If you thought Chinese people were loud, having 30+ English speaking friends in the corner of a Chinese restaurant is something else... haha.

(left) In front of Patrick Manson, oh how I will not miss living there. (right) Making fun of my fobbiness...

Canadians doing the moose and the beaver... haha

Had some really delicious food at this Shanghai restaurant, all for about $120HKD ($16CAD)!

Above is this "tofu pocket" dish - tofu stuffed with cabbage.  Had to order this one day in advance!

After dinner we just chilled in the area, loitered around and went to admire the Hong Kong skyline, even though many of the buildings turned off their lights by that time.  Still nice to reminisce about the good times we've had so far :)

Food buddies... thanks for getting fat with me... haha

Alter egos:  Agnes, Amy, Anita... :)

Taken on the way down an escalator.. lol!

 Near Avenue of Stars, TST

We stayed out until 2am and it was kinda hard to find a way home, especially when not all the taxis go across to Hong Kong Island where we all live.  We've heard of a 24-hour minibus from Mong Kok which is supposed to be one of the craziest minibus routes in Hong Kong (someone read it from somewhere, very reliable ya?  Unfortunately in this aspect the ride was a complete letdown - it takes the same route I take every week to MK haha.).  Ended up taking a taxi to Mong Kok and found the bus stop with a huge line, even at 2am.  Our party pretty much filled the whole minibus and the driver had to tell us to be quiet... haha!  We all got home safely in the end in our fancy clothes and sore feet :)

Really really REALLY going to miss everyone here.  I met so many awesome people and it's just unreal that we'll be leaving in a few weeks and may never see each other again.  I really think that the best part of this exchange was all the friendships that I've made... sigh... Reunion in 3 years right guys?  :)


Unknown said...

GOOOOOD TIMES! we shall not be sad, we shall look forward to the reunion.!!!! Good luck on exams Janice.

danster said...

Aww your post made me hungry and sad at the same time! Will miss your SOOO GOOOOOD moments...ive never seen a girl get as excited over food as you so keep up the good work and keep on eating and chasing food because afterall, they are probably the happiest moments of your day. =)

Soyeon said...

Hongkong la ~ !

Shirtyourself said...

Yup Reunion we shall have!

hullothisisjen said...

i was hungry looking at your food pictures until you reach that horrendous tofu cabbage thing :|

i'm glad you had fun janjan!

love you lots, and to be completely selfish, can't wait 'til you're home!!!

g'luck with that exam, though you prolly won't read this before it. i'll talk to you at work :P

Fiona said...

Awww...ALREADY misses youuu!