Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things I'll Miss About HK (Part 1 - Caf Food)

I can't believe I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks. Everyday as I try to study for my exams I'm constantly distracted by things I want to eat, things I still want to see and do and thinking about all the friends I've made and how much I'll miss them.  To painfully remind me of these things, here's a blogging series on things I'll miss about Hong Kong where I can reminisce on the best parts of this exchange :)

One thing that I'll really miss is the cafeteria/canteen food. You heard me right. Yes I do get sick of it after a while but some of this canteen food is better than what you can get at home (at least Waterloo or maybe Ottawa :P). Here are some of the regulars that I'll miss sooo much:

The $10.50HKD lunch special. Comes out to about $1.40CAD, you get a bowl of sauce with some type of meat and some type of veggie with a big scoop of rice (different every day). I look forward to this all the time, sometimes I go late to class on purpose so I can eat this, lol. I really like saucy foods :P Some of the combos that I can recall are - tomato with beef and potato, cream with chicken, tomato-y sauce with pumpkin and beef, Portuguese sauce with chicken/beef, etc. Yum =)

Fried fish fillet tea time set, with sausage, toast, tartar sauce and a choice of soup macaroni. My favourite is the soup macaroni with tomato/minced meat sauce. About $20HKD or $2.50CAD. Always look forward to this around 3pm =)

Baked pork chop rice. Huge slab (or 2) of pork chop covered in tomato sauce, tomatoes and pineapple. My favorite comfort food... hehe. About $30HKD or $4CAD.

Sigh.. this blogging series is going to make me so depressed!


Louise said...

Tea sets are THE BOMB

Kenric L. said...

Sauce with unknown meat... haha... I hope it's not dog. ;)

Your blog pics always make me so hungry!

Unknown said...

I wish caf food at waterloo was 2.5$-4$

beanns said...

haha the pork chop rice is my fav comfort food as well :)

btw guess who! :P