Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I'll Miss About HK (Part 2 - Gong Cha)

My favourite bubble tea chain Gong Cha: always consistent, always delicious :)  I have quite the sweet tooth so I enjoy the sweet creamy taste of Gong Cha even though most people complain that it's too sweet (you can always ask for less sweet/less ice).  There's always huge lines in front of every GC store but they're super efficient so you get your drink within 5 mins.  I'm gonna miss the cheapness of drinks in HK so much - pearl milk tea is only $12HKD ($1.6CAD) for a LARGE (not like they have small or medium sizes anyway).  My favourites are the original pearl milk tea, earl gray milk tea, and earl gray 三兄弟 (3 brothers) milk tea which includes tapioca, pudding pieces and black jelly.  -sigh-  I think I drink on average 2 per week...on top of all the milk tea I drink at restaurants lol.

I'll miss all the times that we grabbed a BBT before going home from Causeway.  I'll miss yelling "GONG CHA!!!" every time we spot a store on the bus or while walking around. I'll miss calling Wendy everytime I see one before going home to see if she wants one (and vice versa).

Gong Cha, you have a special place in my heart....... but I'm slightly bitter at you opening a location in Sheung Wan right when I have to leave!

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