Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday in HK

Yes today is/was my birthday!  Had a nice small celebration with people, not a big deal anyway :)

Had lunch at Spaghetti House with my relatives.  So much food...  BBQ ribs, seafood angel hair pasta, smoked salmon salad, veggie/lobster soup with baked pastry top, pizza... yum!

Then met up with my roommate and she secretly bought a cake for me WHILE I was there!  I always thought I was good at finding out surprises.... dang :P  Met up with 2 other friends for dinner and after wandering for a long time we decided to go to Pizza Hut.  Pizza Hut is pretty crazy in HK.  Tons of selections for appetizers, pastas and pizzas.  They had escargot on mashed potatoes as an appetizer, and pizzas with a mushroom sauce base, curry base, and thousand island base!  For dessert they had a chocolate pizza... I think it was a pizza crust but with chocolate spread in the middle topped with M&Ms and other chocolate candies.  Death for me...

We ended up ordering a meaty mashed potato appetizer (looked so good on the menu, turned out being so small...), the Bollywood Delight pizza (eggplant, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pineapple & corn), and the creamy chicken mushrooms angel hair pasta.  Everything was pretty good, except that the menu was kinda deceiving and everything looked bigger than it was.  However when we tried to eat the cake in the restaurant they informed us that we have to pay $50 extra to do that!  Ridiculous.... so in the end we just went to the mall across the street and ate the cake in the food court surrounded by really amazing smelling food =)

Us taking a pic before repacking the cake -_-

Thanks to my awesome roommate Soyeon for the beautiful cake!! (repacked at this point :P)

With a touch of Korean :P

And of course, you can't end the night without some Hui Lau Shan!!  Best Mango (& coconut) drinks EVER and for pretty cheap (even cheaper if you buy 2 at once), and make sure you get a rewards card - buy 6 and get 1 free!


sharpiekun said...

happy birthday janice...! (toronto time)

sigh~ food in hk makes me jealous lulz.

Wendy said...

Awesome!! The food look so good.
I <3 HK pizza hut... lol

Ryan said...

happy bday janjan XD (toronto time)

can't wait til may. then i'll splurge like there's no tmr

Jocelyn =) said...

Happy Birthday Janice!! =D
(wow..the cake looks sooo pretty and soooo GOOD!)

hullothisisjen said...

happy birrrrthdaaaay! :)
ahhh! hui lau shan!!!!

soyeon said...

haha. =)
everything looks yummier in the pics !!!
but...... i didn't mean to kill you with choco-mousse cake..T-T...

Chung said...

Happy B-Day!!! (Ottawa time~)

Never heard of the $50 charge for BYOC... ridiculous indeed!

Janoodles said...

hui lau shan!!!!!!!!

Dee said...

reading your blog makes me sad because it makes me miss HK so much :( hahahah

glad to see you're having fun though! loving all the food pics!

Jo said...

wow, would you look at that cake! :) Happy belated, Janice! Looks like you had a wonderful time with friends. You know what's going to happen though when you come back, right? You'll be thinking of all the fantastic HK food and then wonder when you can go back next... haha ;)