Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food Roundup (Week 4)

(Click for larger pic!)

This week's notables:

1.  Shake Shake Fanta 

Fanta is a brand of pop that apparently originated from Germany.  You can get it at Mcdonalds (kinda similar to C-plus) or at convenience stores.  Saw a pack of Shake Shake Fanta at the local food mart and decided to give it a try.  Basically you refrigerate it, and then when it's cool you shake it 10 times really hard (thats what it says on the can) and the drink turns into a jelly soda dessert/drink.  It tasted really good when I first opened it, but it seemed like it got more and more "jelly" as I left it out.  I liked the taste of soda with jelly bits but after a while I was just struggling to slurp the jelly out of the can :P  You can find single cans in the convenience store (7-11) or in a pack of 6.

Will hopefully eat some more interesting food this week :)  Also, check out my post on Pizza Hut in my birthday post here. :P


hullothisisjen said...

sounds sketch. i wonder what kind of chemical reactions are going on

Louise said...

Just dropping by... Janice you're too cool. Cailin also says hi! (She unplugged her internet =_=)