Monday, January 18, 2010

HKU Campus

The HKU campus is awesome!  I guess I have low standards because of Waterloo, but I love HKU because of the interesting looking buildings and how all the buildings are on different levels.  Since the school is on a mountain, sometimes you'd have to take lots of stairs, escalators or elevators just to get to the other side of the campus.  Quite confusing at first but you learn the shortcuts and paths you're supposed to take it's actually quite nice =)

Here are some pics! (slideshow style, click for larger pics)


Wendy said...

Everything look so pretty and nice. :)

Lots of exercise is good, so you can have more good food and won't get fat!

Waterloo is boring...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this blog! I'm thinking of exchange at HKU too!