Monday, January 18, 2010

Food Roundup (Week 3)

(Click for larger pic!)

This week's notables:

1.  Tofu Ice Cream on Red Bean Ice @ Tsui Wah (翠華餐廳)

I went to this restaurant on Saturday night and someone wanted to order the tofu ice cream on red bean ice but it was sold out and I really wanted to try it, since it was tofu ice cream after all. Funny enough, me and my roommate were trying to find a restaurant in central and we ended up at another branch of this restaurant! I'm a pretty huge fan of red bean ice (a cold drink with red bean, sugary syrup and milk) so definitely had to try this one.  The tofu ice cream tasted like tofu, what can I say... and the tofu ice cream didn't make that much of a difference in the drink anyway, but it was cool to try something new =)

2.  Passionfruit shaved ice @ Modern Toilet Restaurant (Mong Kok or Causeway Bay)

Yes there is a toilet restaurant in Hong Kong!  All the food is served in mini toilets or other washroom related items, and some of the drinks are served in mini urinals.  A bunch of us decided to only get dessert because we wanted to check out the all you can eat KBBQ downstairs (which included all you can eat salmon sashimi, AHHH!).  We definitely didn't expect this to be SO huge!  The shaved ice was topped with various toppings like jelly, little cookies, raisins and fruit and chocolate ice cream shaped like poop :P  Pretty delicious, and flavourful all the way through unlike in Canada where half of it is just ice and no flavour!

Some other photos @ Modern Toilet:

My food is getting less and less interesting because I eat at the canteen (cafeteria) most of the time :P