Monday, January 4, 2010

Food Roundup (Week 1)

I'll try to do a summary/review of the food I eat each week. It might get boring after school starts :P

This week's notables:

1.  Hot Pot @ Cafe de Coral (大家樂)

Cafe de Coral is kind of a "fancy" fast food place.  It's very clean and has lots of choices (Chinese food).  It's also SUPER efficient.  You order near the entrance, and then walk to the back to a semi-open kitchen to give them your receipt, and a human conveyor belt puts your meal together in no time.  I was surprised to find out that they serve hot pot there.  They give you a bento box full of raw food and a mini pot and stove.  There were tons of people taking their time eating hot pot by themselves.

2.  Red Bean & Almond Paste Waffles @ UCC Coffee Shop (Harbour City, TST)

Initially didn't want to eat waffles since I can get them in Canada, but found a special "flavour" different from the regular ones.  The waffles, dusted with icing sugar, was served with red bean spread, a scoop of green tea ice cream topped with almond paste.  Looking back I think I was supposed to get 4 pieces of waffles instead of two (jipped =P) but I was more than happy with 2.  Way too filling!

3.  Ebi Burger @ Mcdonalds

The limited-time shrimp burger currently at Mcdonalds.  Mcdonalds here always has crazy featured burgers so you'll be sure to know when a new one comes out ;P

4.  Fried Mochi @ Sweetheart Dessert (Sai Kung)

You know the frozen ice cream mochi you can find at T&T?  Lotte Yukimi Daifuku... I LOVE these, I finish a box within an hour if I'm not stopped (First pic on left). This week I tried fried mochi which tasted pretty much like this snack/dessert with a fried outer layer.  AHHH!!  Warm fried shell, chewy "skin", cold ice cream.  I will be dreaming about this dessert for years to come...


Eppie said...

love your blog janice! maybe you can take me out when I get back in Feb! =P

Hu-Yan said...

1. that's the way to do it