Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sing-K in HK

First time doing Karaoke in Hong Kong and it was CRAZY!  Never expected it to be so... intense shall I say.  Didn't take enough pictures but still have a few (unfortunately extremely blurry), so hopefully it's enough to give you an idea of how it's like.

About 30+ of us (I know, crazy already) went up to Neway, a Kareoke chain, in Mong Kok.   At first I didn't even think they would have a room to fit us all but I was proven wrong :P  After we booked a room we had to go up one floor to the room we were assigned to.  We walked down this looong hall lined with Karaoke rooms (at least 80) until we reached our room.

Our room was sooo huge.  Two huge TV screens for Karaoke and 2 smaller screens for song selection.  We also had a private (single) washroom, and 6 wireless mics.

(The Washroom)

Coolest thing was, the place also had a buffet!  Man, Hong Kong and their buffets everywhere :P  There was a "buffet room" where they had sushi, make your own hot pot (with mini pots and hot plates there for you to cook), octopus balls, peking duck wrap, stir fry noodles and grilled skewers (octopus, chicken, sausages).  All this was made to order.... mmm.  There's another room where they had tons of hot tray food where you can serve yourself.  Dessert was also included - mango pudding, cakes, etc, and also this guy who would make a dessert plate for you with lava cake, ice cream or other cakes and decorate it all nice and pretty :) 

Pics from left to right:  Line up for sushi, make your own hotpot, dessert guy, stir fry and grill, octopus balls, peking duck and chinese sausage rice.

Here's a pic of some of the food I got, yum =)  The total price was about $170 per person, seems pretty expensive in HK but when I convert it back it's less than $25CAD.  This wasn't happy hour either, so in Canada this would be a craaazy deal :P  Must go again sometime!


hullothisisjen said...

how was the song selection??
did they have deeeefying graaaavity??

Janice said...

it was about the same or maybe a bit better than Toronto, didn't look into it that much (other ppl chose songs). more songs had lyrics instead of just music video though. lol

Matthew said...

I love your blog.
Food + fun.
LOVE IT! lol

Hu-Yan said...

wireless mics! and food